Point Atkinson Lightstation - Ronald Van Dyke Photography

Point Atkinson Lightstation

Originally built in 1874 the Point Atkinson Lightstation to this day plays a crucial role in guiding ships through the Burrard Inlet into the port of Vancouver. It has a special place in my heart as one of its former light keepers Donald Graham, who was assistant light keeper from 1980 to 1996 and has since passed, wrote a book called Keepers Of The Light which inspired a song I wrote called Keeper Of The Light. Recently I put a video together for the song using a series of my still photos. Later on my 1st trip to Lighthouse Park in years, with the intention of getting some shots of the lighthouse from the land side, as fate would have it, I serendipitously met Graham's wife Elaine who still lives there as grounds keeper. She invited me to come into the private areas of the grounds, off limits to the public, to take the images that you see in this gallery. Thank you! Thank you! Here's a link to the video of my song Keeper Of The Light. http://rjamesvandyke.com/videos.